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Romina Co Romina began its work in September 2016 in the areas of web design and development, mobile apps, e-commerce, Internet of Things and product design. The belief in this company is that any project is a problem that has its own right solution, and this solution should be created by focusing on the audience and its usage. Romina sits at the intersection of business, innovation and technology ; moreover, it tries to find the best solutions in a creative way.


Preparation stage

1 Preparation stage If you have an idea that you believe in and you think it can succeed, solve a problem or even change the world, we stand by you and we will provide you with intellectual, financial, technical and experimental assistance.

Launching stage

2 Launching stage While the idea reaches to a sophisticated and evolving stage, we will provide you with all the available features in order to launch your startup, so that will be on the way to a great success.

Developing stage

3 Developing stage After the launch of the project and growing the circle of customers, one of the basic requirements of every entrepreneur is to have a technical and marketing team, and financial resources. We won’t leave you alone at this stage.

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