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About Abron

Abron is one of the assets of Romina Company. It works in the field of Web design and development, mobile applications, IoT and product design. At Abron, we benefit from a full and energetic team that is always striving to be up-to-date and to acquire new skills and technologies. Because of this spirit and attitude, our projects enjoy the most up-to-date technologies and methods; moreover, they stay in a steady course.

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Website and Web servie


Android and iOS




Online Store


Every digital product needs a robust cross-platform interface. In this stage, we develop a responsive layout which works impeccably on each and every device.


Developing a scalable backend, with a standard coding which is reliable and optimized for clients’ needs, is our typical business.


After understanding every aspect of the project, we begin to design user experience and user interface. We do sketching, wire-framing, designing and animating to create smart and first-rate designs. At this stage, all the plans are being presented to you in order to be discussed and to get to the final design.


Mobile applications have become an integral part of any software program and software product. Having a lightweight app that matches different versions of the operating systems can help you get the most out of your ideas. We prioritize the development of a user-friendly user experience to design and develop mobile applications. We use the latest available Android and IOS software, based on your needs.

System & Database

One of the major challenges in server setup is the ability to configure the server correctly, to know the amount of resources needed for each system, to choose the operating system and the correct web server. Since everything from web and mobile applications to IoT systems needs a powerful server to share information, having the right server for each one requires specific settings. Our experts will help you get the best server.

Internet of Things

Given the fact that nowadays every device can connect to the Internet everywhere, you may also have various ideas for remotely managing part of your life, home or business. With the technical knowledge of software development, as well as the ability to properly use hardware in the field of IoT, Abron's team can provide acceptable services to implement your ideas.

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