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Aprika, Mode, fashion and cosmetics

Aprika is an online clothing store. Aprika has got a vast collection of clothing, shoes, and cosmetics. It has a unique difference with other online clothing stores, which is its being smart. It means that Aprika offers the best fitting clothes for the users by getting their body measurement. Gradually, Aprika knows its users’ tastes in clothes and offers the clothes suiting what they like. Abron offered Aprika a full array of marketing services for instance its launch, providing visual identity, web development, and marketing services.

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Body Size

Offering clothes based on users’ body size is Aprika’s unique difference with the similar Iranian internet shops. It's safe to say that the system was designed and implemented by Aprika for the first time among the online clothing stores.

Suppliers Panel

This panel provides the supplier with a range of functional features such as daily, weekly, monthly, and total sales statistics, product inventory, orders management, the status of the order, and the management of the sub-products, etc.

Customer Taste

Aprika learns from its users. When a user goes through the products in the website, Aprika is on the course of learning from its users. The products are offered to the customer purposefully, which in case increases sales.

Close Relationship

Aprika has a close relationship with its suppliers and is thinking highly pf the growth of business. Aprika is always beside its suppliers, and if there are any problems, Aprika will come up with the right solution.

Some available brands in Aprika